Maybe it was the fresh guacamole and crashing waves on our first day, or the sunset sinking into the Bahia de Banderas as we strolled the Malecon on our second day, or the steaming fresh churros for just a few pesos from the cart outside the church on the third day.

But our family knew one thing after we left our first vacation in Puerto Vallarta in 2013.

We’d found a beach destination that is also a real community. Gorgeous from many angles. Imperfect from others. So many nooks, crannies, and cobblestone streets to explore, especially in Old Town. Well stocked with anything and everything you might need in life. No resort deserts here.

And above all, interesting. Just very interesting, with a hustle bustle of local daily life.  PV is “beach” without “boring.”

And although we plan to take our daughters to travel to many other places, “Vallarta,” as locals call it, is a place deserving of repeat visits. A second home and future retirement place.

In short, we are invested in Puerto Vallarta. And we are thrilled to share the reasons why with others as they stay in our Mexico home.